Quick Answer: How Do I Access My CUNY Email?

How do I get a city tech email?

Accessing your City Tech email (for students and alumni)Go to the Microsoft Office 365 email login.Log in using your City Tech email and password.

If you have previously logged into your account, skip to step #3.

If you have logged in before, log in using your City Tech email (same format as above), and the password you chose..

How do I set up my Brooklyn College email?

Please, go to settings. In settings you can find mail application setup. There you can add account of Brooklyn College email. Select Exchange Page 4 Enter your student email address in the Email field.

What is CUNY email?

If you are a CUNY student and/or employee, your CUNY Login account username will be in the format [email protected], where “NN” is the last 2+ digits of your CUNY EMPLID. If you are a guest user, your CUNY Login account username will be the one you set in the CUNY Portal.

How do I access my hunter email?

Log into your @MyHunter (Office 365) email account at www.hunter.cuny.edu/myhunter/email. Your new email address is your CUNYfirst username followed by @myhunter.cuny.edu ([email protected]).

How do I change my CUNY email?

A. In the Personal Information section, select the Email link to edit or select Email Address from the drop down menu.

How do I know if I got accepted to CUNY?

Go to https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu. Enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, on the left hand side under “CUNYfirst Menu” click ‘Student Center’ Scroll down to the ‘Admissions’ section and click ‘View Details’

How do I activate my YORK college email?

To activate or re-activate your York email account, go to the Student Email page.

How do I access my Queens College email?

Go to http://qmail.cuny.edu and click the blue “Login to Office 365” button, or from the Queens College homepage (https://www.qc.cuny.edu) click on Login to… on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on Student email. Type your complete email address and password.

How do I set up a CUNY email?

Configure your email with Exchange Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account Select Microsoft Exchange Enter your student email address ([email protected] and password) Put in your Description if desired. Press Next.

Add an email link to the course menuChange Edit Mode to ON and select the plus sign above the course menu. The Add Menu Item list appears.Select Tool Link.Type a Name for the link.In the Type list, select Email.Select the Available to Users check box.Select Submit.

How do I reset my hunter email password?

Go to the CUNY Portal at http://www.cuny.edu and click on the Portal Log-in/Blackboard link. 2. On the following page, click the link for “Account and Password Reset”. Your new password will be immediately useable; you can go back to the Portal Log-in Page and log in with your Portal ID and password.

How do I access my LGA email?

Log into ePortfolio(opens in a new window) using your LaGuardia email address (@live.lagcc.cuny.edu) and password.

Why can’t I log into my CUNYFirst account?

Try these: (1) Make sure caps lock is off. (2) Quit and reopen browser and ensure you are logging in with this exact url http://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu. (3) Clear your cache. Visit www.wikihow.com/ Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache for instructions.