How Do I Get A CUNY Email?

How do I setup my CUNY email on my Iphone?

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account Select Microsoft Exchange Enter your student email address ([email protected] and password) Put in your Description if desired.

Press Next..

What is CUNY portal?

The CUNY Portal ID is a username and password combination that lets you access services hosted centrally at CUNY (as opposed to services hosted locally at Hunter, such as your email). The CUNY services include: Blackboard. … CUNY eMall.

What is my CUNY ID number?

College ID is either your ss# or the QC temporary 9-digit # assigned by Admissions Office. Please look on your registration paper or paid bill to see which 9-digit # is used. PIN is usually your last six digits of your 8-digit cuny id # (from cuny1st).

How do I activate my YORK college email?

To activate or re-activate your York email account, go to the Student Email page.

How do I access my Hostos email?

To access the emails, go to ‘Mail’ app on the home screen and tap ‘Hostos email’. Note: Remember to update the password in the ‘Hostos email’ account settings each time the password is reset for the Hostos email.

How do I access my KBCC email?

Alternatively, if INSIDE KCC is not accessible, go to Click on Current Students, then click on Student Email / GO, then click on Login to email and type in your student email username and password.

How do I apply to York College?

To Apply: Please complete and mail in an undergraduate non-degree application with a $70 application fee. For more information on the non-degree process, please visit

How do I make a CUNY account?

To create your PortalID, go to and click on the Portal LOG-IN link:On the following page, click Register for a New Account:On the “New User Registration” Page, click Current Student:After you have selected current student, fill in your personal information to validate that you are a CUNY student:More items…

What is my YORK email address?

Also, your or account is your University student email account through which the University will communicate with you. University professors, teaching assistants, administrators and other students will easily recognize this email address.

How do I change my CUNY email?

A. In the Personal Information section, select the Email link to edit or select Email Address from the drop down menu.

How do I check the status of my CUNY application?

Go to….How to Check Your Application StatusEnter your username and password.Once you are logged in, on the left hand side under “CUNYfirst Menu” click ‘Student Center’Scroll down to the ‘Admissions’ section and click ‘View Details’

How do I get my CUNY email?

Go to, click on Sign In. 2. Type in your email address: CUNYFirst [email protected] 3. Type in your CUNYFirst password, click on Sign in.

How do I access my Hunter College email?

Log into your @MyHunter (Office 365) email account at Your new email address is your CUNYfirst username followed by ([email protected]).

Does York College have online courses?

York College Online is a great choice for working adults and individuals that want to complete their bachelor’s degree and those who are looking to get ahead. York College Online offers a flexible format and new classes starting every 8 weeks.

Why can’t I log into my CUNYfirst account?

Try these: (1) Make sure caps lock is off. (2) Quit and reopen browser and ensure you are logging in with this exact url (3) Clear your cache. Visit Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache for instructions.